21 apr. 2016


On 21 April, the University of Avignon and the two Associations of wine-growers from Châteauneuf-du-Pape and Tavel organised a symposium to mark the 80th anniversary of the concept of the AOC (or PDO, Protected Designation of Origin).

A dozen prominent wine experts met at the University of Avignon to discuss the issue of “terroir” and the challenges of the future in the field of viticulture.

In the morning, under the presidency of the Lord Mayor of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, various speakers tackled the subject of TERROIR:

  • University Senior Lecturer Ms Coulomb highlighted the benefits of PDOs that add value to a territory
  • Geologist M. Truc gave an thorough explanation of the notion of terroir and of all the elements that the word encompasses
  • President of the French Wine Academy M. Pitte emphasised the modernity of its concept and relevance in today’s world
  • Maître Assémat stressed the need to protect it
  • Senior University Lecturer M. Arcuset expounded on how it could be valued
  • And finally, INRA Research Engineer M. Garcia de Cortazar-Atauri gave an outstanding presentation on the consequences of climate change on viticulture in the years to come.

The afternoon was dedicated to the CHALLENGES OF THE FUTURE, under the presidency of M. Accomando, Presiding Judge at the Court of Avignon and with contributions by various experts:

  • M. Petit, President of the Tavel winegrowers’ association, gave a talk on the link between the produce and its geographical area of production.
  • Law Professor M. Olzak reviewed the legal history of the PDO, from its beginnings until now, with some projections to the future.
  • Alsatian winemaker and founder of Seve group M. Deiss contemplated the possible future of PDOs
  • Finally, Executive Director of the Origin group M. Vittori gave an insight into the legal protection of the PDO, into its future in a global world and its development through online sales.

Once the symposium was finished, everyone met at the Pandora cinema, in the centre of Avignon, to watch the documentary film « Châteauneuf-du-Pape, a History of a Success-story » …and taste the new 2015 vintage !

Article du Vaucluse Agricole " 80ème anniversaire et maintenant ?